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Issues in Global Health: Personal Hygiene Campaign

Personal Hygiene is a much often overlooked area in human development; at a certain stage one is expected to know what to do and how to do it. However, what happens when they don’t?

The main goal of the gentlemen in pre-med 3 was to reiterate the values we would have heard at some point in our lives concerning basic hygiene. We decided that in order to capture the attention of our peers, we had to pull off a thrilling performance in limited time with that was intertwined with the awareness messages under our theme, “Clean and green is our perfect dream”.  In all fairness, the preparation was filled with anxiety and tension but was amazingly transformed into visible teamwork and a memorable moment.

Paper cut letters, dance rehearsals, pinata making, decoration; and who said guys can’t be creative?  From the African dances to the enthusiastic chants of the theme by our peers, we held on to everyone’s attention, a room filled with energy and anxious faces to discover more as the semester goes by.