AUS Advantage


In an ideal world, every qualified medical aspirant should be able to pursue their dreams with no obstacles. Sadly, we do not live in an ideal world and records show that due to a severe limitation of available seats, only one in four medical aspirants is able to find a spot in the medical institutions in US and Canada. This is where the AUS advantage comes into play.. Like our sister school, the International American University College of Medicine in Saint Lucia, we strive, to provide qualified applicants a means of achieving their dream of becoming a physician.We give new wings to your dreams and do not let a limitation of seats get in your way. In fact, approximately 25% of US medical residents are not graduates of U.S. medical schools.

So what are you waiting for? We understand that choosing your right medical school from the many Caribbean medical schools is a daunting task. However, as educatorswe encourage you to make a sound decision. We at AUS are committed in providing you an outstanding path towards medical licensure and molding you into fine physicians and individuals the world can lean on.

Here are a few things that sets up apart from the others:

One-on-One Attention: With a small class size we are able to provide the much needed one on one attention to all the students. This makes for a more effective in-class, experience—you won’t find the anonymous, big lecture hall experience at AUS the way you do at many schools.

fc-memQualified Faculty Members: All AUS faculty members hold an advanced medical (M.D., M.B.B.S.) or doctoral degree in the field they teach, and are experienced educators .The quality of the AUS faculty combined with small class sizes, extensive student-teacher interaction and a continual emphasis on preparing you for Step 1 of the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE), is an unbeatable combination for preparing you to assume your place in today’s medical profession.

1Early Clinical Exposure: Our students begin interacting with patients as early as their 1st semester. This exposure to the clinical setting continues throughout subsequent semesters through supervised activities at local clinics.

group of medical workers

US Clinical Rotations: We have lots of clinical spots available in green book hospitals for clinical rotations, there will not be any long wait for students to get back to back rotations.

collegeCampus : Our secure and serene campus in Kingstown, offers the ideal setting for students to experience a beautiful Caribbean environment. AUS has modern classroom and laboratory facilities, including a comprehensive medical library. Our campus reflects the charm and character of St. Vincent- safe, beautiful and tranquil.

usmleUSMLE Board Review: Integrated into the curriculum, this review ensures that our students are well prepared for Step 1 of the USMLE