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U.S. Admissions Office St. Vincent Campus

American University of St Vincent
17950 Preston Road
4th Floor, Suite 420
Dallas, TX 75252

Toll Free: 1.888.928.7633

Tel: +469.941.4940

Fax: +972.484.9970

Email :

American University of St Vincent
P. O. Box 2595
St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Tel: +1-784.458.3424

Fax: +1-784.458.3425

Email :

Dallas Office

Jeff Weisberger(
Director of Admissions

Michael Effiong(
Senior Admissions Coordinator

Kate Quinn (
Senior Admissions Coordinator

Reshmi Shankar(
Finance Manager

Brashant Carter(
Student Services Coordinator

St. Vincent Campus

Syam SL
Campus Manger

Ranel Cato
Student Service

St. Lucia office of AUS

Dhanesh Udayan
IT Administrator