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U.S. Admissions Office St. Vincent Campus

American University of St Vincent
17950 Preston Road
4th Floor, Suite 420
Dallas, TX 75252

Toll Free: 1.888.928.7633

Tel: +469.941.4940

Fax: +972.484.9970

Email :

American University of St Vincent
P. O. Box 2595
St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Tel: +1-784.458.3424

Fax: +1-784.458.3425

Email :

Dallas Office

Jeff Weisberger(
Director of Admissions

Reshmi Shankar(
Finance Manager

Anthony Bailey (
Admissions Counselor I

Franklin Meredith(
Student Services Coordinator

Kate Quinn
Administrative Assistant

St. Vincent Campus

Syam SL
Campus Manger

Ranel Cato
Student Service

St. Lucia office of AUS

Dhanesh Udayan
IT Administrator