Clinical Science


The Clinical Science Program runs from the Semester 6 to Semester 10

Students are required to meet the following requirements prior to starting clinical rotations:

• Successful completion the Basic Science Program;
• Pass the USMLE Step I;
• And be in good academic standing.

Students will rotate in the following core rotations—Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, General Surgery, Psychiatry, and Family Medicine. This phase of your training uses patient-centered learning techniques, which include taking histories, performing physical examinations, reviewing laboratory results, and working with faculty physicians to manage patients through diagnosis and treatment. Clinical instruction will also include supervised clinical presentations, seminars, and lectures.

Students can tailor their clinical experience to their interests by exploring other specialties through rotations called “electives.” Students are required to complete 28 weeks (7 elective courses) of elective rotations.

Core Rotations

There are six core rotations which every student will have to complete before they are allowed to take the USMLE Step II. The respective department chairs will oversee the rotation within their discipline. The core rotations are:

• Internal Medicine (12 weeks)
• General Surgery (12 weeks)
• Pediatrics (6 weeks)
• Psychiatry (6 weeks)
• Obstetrics / Gynecology. (6 weeks)
• Family Practice (6 weeks)

Total: 48 Weeks

Elective Rotations

During the last year of training, students can choose which elective rotations they want to take. 12 weeks must consist of Medical Specialties (3 rotations) including 4 weeks of Neurology (required) and 12 weeks must consist of Surgical Specialties (3 rotations).

Available rotations can be viewed in the AUS Clinical Handbook.

Clinical Affiliations

AUS School of Medicine is directly affiliated with sites in the United States and United Kingdom. If you would like a list of affiliated hospitals, please contact the Office of Admissions at (469)941-4940.


Once students have successfully completed the core rotations, they become eligible to sit for the UMSLE Step II CK & CS. Students must pass both the UMSLE Step II CK & CS before graduation.